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    If you are directly or indirectly affected by physician burnout and want to do something about it -- support the alliance.



    • High emotional exhaustion

    • High sense of depersonalization

    • Low sense of personal achievement

    • Loss of control over work

    • Increased performance measurement

    • Implementation of EHRs

    • Inefficiencies in practice environment

    • Reduction in clinical effort

    • Declining patient outcomes

    • Depression

    • Failing relationships

    • Suicide - Physicians commit suicide at twice the rate of the general population.



    The Physicians’ Wellness Alliance (PWA) is a non-profit corporation founded to prevent and reduce burnout among physicians and other health professions. The PWA's initiatives will include counseling, coaching, resilience training, organizational change and community building.


    PWA has launched its first initiative, the KavuMD  Project.  To learn more about the project visit https://www.kavumd.org.





    Contributing comes in many forms. Administrators running programs combating burnout across the country have been generous in sharing knowledge as have researchers at universities. Physicians have given their time to make suggestions and articulate their daily struggles, clarifying our priorities.  Agencies fighting burnout have helped us craft an offering that is unique and complementary to theirs.


    Join us and make introductions, build partnerships, offer suggestions and/or donations to treat the symptoms and reduce the causes of burnout.



    Jessica J. Bloom, MD

    After graduating from the University of Michigan Medical School, I completed my family medicine residency at Oregon Health & Sciences University in Portland. I've been practicing in Bellingham since 2005.   I currently serve as the chair of the Physician Wellness Committee at Saint Joseph Hospital. 

    President, Board of Dirrectors

    Laura Backer, MD

    My medical degree is from Indiana University School of Medicine, Indiana. My areas of interest include all aspects of body imaging, US, mammography, and PET-CT. I currently serve as president of the Northwest Medical Society.

    Secretary, Board of Directors

    Henry S. Levine, MD

    I have been in practice since 1972. I'm a former family physician.  I was awarded USPHS and Ginsberg Fellowships, and my specialties are psychiatry and forensic psychiatry.

    Board Member

    David J. Gavareski, MD

    I have been fortunate to practice with the same group for the 26 years I have been in Bellingham. After graduating from the University of Washington School of Medicine in 1974, I completed my three-year family practice residency in Spokane, Washington. 

    Board Member

    Rich Krebs, MD

    I am a family physician who started practice in Bellingham in 1979.  I have been involved with conditions of physician burnout since 1991 including giving workshops on the subject and serving on the Physician Wellness committee at Saint Joseph Hospital. 

    Board Member

    Daniel D. Mayhew

    I have over 20 years experience starting and running technology companies that developed and brought numerous products and services to market. As CEO, I negotiated the sale of Leap, Inc. to WellMed, Inc. where I worked to adapt Leap's technology to the healthcare market.  

    Executive Director

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    Physicians' Wellness Alliance is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization. Donations may be tax-deductible.  Consult with your tax advisor to confirm the tax status of your donation.

    You may also donate by check.  Please make checks payable to the Physicians' Wellness Alliance and mail it to the attention of Dan Mayhew, Physicians' Wellness Alliance, 114 West Magnolia Street, Suite 505, Bellingham, WA 98225

    Physicians' Wellness Alliance is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.  Donations may be tax-deductible.  Consult with your financial advisor to confirm the tax status of your donation. 

    Dan Mayhew, Executive Director

    114 West Magnolia Street, Suite 505, Bellingham, WA 98225

    Tel:  541.543.7283